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Logging Management

Logging Management is a software that provides overview of timber quantities in cutting area, and in storage area. The software is integrated with e-waybill information system.

Web application

  • Timber transportation in Estonia and Latvia. Ask possibility in more countries.
  • Can be used with any device that has internet connection.
  • Real-time overview of the timber quantity - in cutting area, in storage area, and transported amounts.
  • Energywood storage, for overview of brances and chipped wood transportation.
  • Drivers can make make e-waybill automatically, including KpDC.
  • Option to specify the destination for each assortment.
  • Origin documentation for certified timber usage.
  • Work orders (eg. technological map) for machine operators.
  • Option to choose partners for every cutting area.
  • Co-owners of the forest plot, for allowing them to make reports.
  • Certificates automatically added to e-waybill.
  • Work hours calculation – time and activity.
  • Guillotine (light harvester head with collector) and chippers data input.
  • Option to assign cutting area status - at work, standby, stopped, finished, material residues, archived.
  • Navigation aid to cutting area if coordinates are inserted.
  • Various timber quantity reports. Reports can be saved to Excel format.
  • E-mail notifications about timber quantity changes.
  • Unlimited number of users with a variety of roles for companies.
  • Management of different machines and equipment.

Compatible with Forest Management software

  • Users of Forest Management software can automatically add cutting areas to web application.
  • Option to make timber quantity reports in cutting area management app.

  • Two joining options:
    • User with contract - fully authorized user. User can add cutting areas into system, and make e-waybills; make different reports, add partner's and transport destinations.
    • User without contract (free) - user with limited access. User can add timber quantities to partner's cutting areas (harvester, forwarder and truck), and issue e-waybills for them.
      Generating reports requires a contract.
  • In order to join the system, send an e-mail with your company name, and contact person's name.


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