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   Mapwork Harvester

Mapwork Harvester software makes a perfect fit for harvester work. It is easy to open assignments, view the work area, and check your location with GPS. You will be able to view data from Register of Forest Resource, and maps from Estonian Land Board. The software runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP - on most of harvester onboard computers.

Perfect for harvester work

  • Simple and logical
  • Data and maps from Register of Forest Resource
  • Opens the State Forest Management Centre assignment template
  • Easily prepare assignments in office
  • GPS location on map
  • Automatic alert when crossing the work area boundaries
  • Estonian and English version

Special functions

  • Work area boundaries
  • Automatic alert when crossing the work area boundaries
  • Calculation of work hours and drive distance
  • GPS track recording

Preparing assignments in office

  • Technological map for harvester
  • Add maps and additional information to assignment
  • Send the assignment to harvester
  • Assignment opens easily in harvester onboard computer
  • Option to use Forest Management software for making assignments

Map layers

  • Maps from Register of Forest Resource
    • Stand boundaries of private forests
    • Stand boundaries of State Forest Management Centre
    • Forest notice boundaries
    • Conservation area boundaries
  • Maps from Estonian Land Board
    • Cadastre boundaries
    • Orthophotos
    • Forestry-orthophotos
    • Base map with cadastre boundaries
    • Road map

Easy to use

  • Installation package creates the desktop icon
  • Language options: Estonian or English
  • All necessary map layers are preset
  • Same software allows preparing assignments in office
  • Search address, cadastre number, or quarter number

Map with many options

  • GPS location on map
  • Boundaries of forest stands, and forest notice from Register of Forest Resource
  • Add points, lines and areas to map
  • Add text to map objects
  • Turn layers on and off, change layer style and order
  • Calculate distance and area on map
  • Save and print maps to PDF file
  • Open and use your own map layers (shp, tab, tif, jpg, png, ecw, gpx, bmp, gif, dgn, mif)


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