We respect your privacy.

We collect your data only to provide you with our services and for support of our services.

We may ask you to give access to following information:


- Some personal information such as name and email address. Deskis keeps all personal data revealed to it strictly confidental and protects customers persondal data from illegitimately falling into the hands o third parties by applying effectice IT security measures. Customers may withdraw their consent at any time, and demand the deletion of their data from the Deskis customer database by writing to us.


- Some of our apps collect information regarding your position, such as IP or GPS address or other location information provided by your mobile device. This information is required for us to provide you our service, such as indication your location on the map or calculating shortest distance to your prefered destination. Your location and route history will not be accessable outside your device. The information regarding your position will be collected only after you authorize the GPS usage at the time of activation request. If you won’t authorize the GPS usage, our App will not have access to the information regarding your position and will not be able to work properly. You will be able at any time to enable or disable the collection of said information through your device's settings.

- Permission to control the camera. Some apps may ask permission to give control of the camera on your mobile device. This information is required fo us to provide you our service, such as using camera funcionality to measure height or use camera as bitterlich relascope or make a picture. Deskis will not collect data obtained by this permission.

- Permission to save information to your devices memory or SD-card. This information is required fo us to provide you our service, such as saving information you want to save through our app to your device.


The data collected are processed using electronic means for the time strictly needed to achieve the purposes for which such data are collected, except the personal information we send us in order to get support for using our services (such as e-mail address).
To prevent the loss of data, their accidental destruction, damaging, unlawful or improper and unauthorized access, specific safety measure are observed, such as TLS / SSL and other protocols in compliance with applicable regulations.


Your personal information will not be disclosed to the public and may be provided only for the purposes specified above to the following categories of persons: (i) our employees, (ii) individuals, companies, associations or professionals who have been appointed to carry out on our behalf assistance services and activities and advice related to commercial activity.
Such categories acting as controllers or processors, only come into possession of personal data for the performance of their duties and may use and disclose them only in order to perform said services on our behalf or to comply with legal regulations. Controllers or processors that may be designated shall receive adequate operating instructions, with specific reference to the minimum security measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of data.


Our Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time to reflect changes in legislation, technology, changes in the collection and use of data, commercial initiatives. In case of changes, we will notify you: (i) by notice published on the main page of the site and/or (ii) taking any other action we may deem appropriate. Any changes will be effective as of the time of publication, and the browsing of the site or the use of our products after such time will be deemed as acceptance.

Updated February 2, 2017.